Slide IGCSE 2019 Minha Sunil Physics - A*,
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*
Slide IGCSE 2019 Rittika Mukherji Physics - A*,
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*
Slide IGCSE 2019 Nithya Physics - B (77)
Chemistry - B (77)
Mathematics - B (74)
Slide IGCSE 2020 Shruthi Sethuraman Physics - A*
Mathematics - A*
Slide IGCSE 2019 Aryan Physics - A*,
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*
Slide IGCSE 2020
Aishwarya Anand Physics - A*,
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*
Slide IGCSE 2019
Adhitya Jyothiraj Physics - A*,
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*

Active learning

Our tuition methods are proven to help all our students to excel in their chosen subjects with us.

Expert teachers

Our teachers are well qualified and trained in their respective subjects.

Conducive study space

The best study environment with no distraction and small group size for group classes to ensure better learning.

Safe enviroment

By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment.

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Group Classes

We offer small size group classes of no more than five students per group, which ensures active participation of all students in the class where all the students are given space to share their thoughts.

Online Classes

We offer online classes, in which students learn in their own learning environment. We use online platforms such as ZOOM, Skype and Google meet. We also incorporate interactive white board to ensure student’s active participation in class.

One to One Classes

We offer one on one class, which ensures high quality interaction between student and teacher. One on one classes increase student’s responsibility over their learning too.

Holiday Classes

We offer holiday classes, where we focus on revising the topics covered in the previous sem as well as start new topics. This helps them brush up their knowledge and fill in gaps where they lag behind. Covering new topics gives them a head start for the new semester.
Our facilities


  • Reception area
  • Class rooms for group classes
  • Separate Learning space for one on one classes
  • Space for subject tests/assessments

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Our study materials are designed in such a way that the students would be able to meet the challenges of the board examination questions, also our constantly revised and updated worksheets based on past year questions help the students to improve their grades. View all courses

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